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CGAD separador
Filipe Inteiro
Submitted by ffinteiro on 27 March 2021

Conditions of access
Being a graduate holder in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance or Management, or of legal equivalent considered by the Scientific Council appropriate to the frequency of the course.

This course aims for scientific and professional development in management, having as more significant goals:

  • Provide sound and current training that enables the future master an effective acting in different contexts and managerial positions;
  • Fostering the use of accounting and management methods, techniques and tools, which enable the mestranges to use their knowledge in an integrated manner in the analysis and problem solving of organizations;
  • Developing decision-making, communication and sociopolitical skills, as well as the ability to understand and evaluate complex situations;
  • Contributing to advanced teaching of higher education faculty, in the area of accounting and management, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Diploma that approves the plan of studies in force
pdfDespacho n. 11296/2014, of September 8-Journal of the Republic No. 172, 2 th Series

Seriation Criteria
pdfDispacho VP Nº63 / 2019

pdfTransition plan

* change of denomination in compliance with the deliberation of the A3ES Agency (ACEF/1718/0107057)-pdfDespacho n. º5847/2020  of May 27, 2020