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M Contabilidade separador
Filipe Inteiro
Submitted by ffinteiro on 27 March 2021

Conditions of access
Being a graduate holder in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance or Management, or of legal equivalent considered by the Scientific Council appropriate to the frequency of the course.

Taking into account the different needs required by the business universe, the Mestrado in Accounting aims at the   scientific and professional development of diverse competencies in the area of accounting, providing a solid and up-to-date training that allows for a effective acting in different areas:

  • The fostering of the use of methods, techniques and tools enabling the development of an integrated approach in the process of analysis and resolution of organizational problems is also present, focusing on the needs of the market and the development of the learners;
  • The development of technical assessment, decision and communication skills about complex situations within the framework of Accounting is thus as the cross-element to the Master's in Accounting.

Diploma that approves the plan of studies in place  
pdfDespacho n. 10259/2014, of August 8-Journal of the Republic No. 152, 2. Series

pdf Transition plan