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Mission, Vision and Values


ISCAL's institutional vision is to excel in its activities, with a view to continuous improvement of their quality, promoting the conditions for a relevant professional practice by highly qualified graduates.


ISCAL's mission is to produce, use and disseminate knowledge, as well as provide services to the community, in the areas in which it has competence, contributing to its consolidation as an exemplary institution at national and international level.


ISCAL as an institution assumes the commitment to be governed by the following principles of conduct with universal application:

  • Public service;
  • Competence and responsibility;
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • Democracy and participation;
  • Ethics;
  • Evaluation.


ISCAL assumes the following institutional values:

  • Teaching Excellence;
  • Excellence in Research and Development;
  • Openness and participation in the Society;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Culture of merit;
  • Cooperation and scientific exchange, especially with European and Portuguese-speaking countries.


Source:  Statutes of ISCAL-Despacho n. 3182/2020, de March 10