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Solicitadoria separador
Submitted by rogermad on 4 March 2013

The solicitor is an economically relevant, economically relevant, non-litigious manager of interests, being his brand to be able to resolve.

The primary goal of the ISCAL's solicitor degree consists of the higher level training of professionals solving problems, issues and processes   of a legal nature to companies, families and citizens.   Thus, the solicitor formed in the ISCAL does not only have   knowledge of law, but has also training in the   financial and business areas of accounting.

The undergraduate degree in Solicitor of the ISCAL is the only one, in the Public Higher Education, in the area of Lisbon, the largest national legal market, where this offer did not exist.

Professional Outputs

The licentiate in Solictadoria form professionals enabled to exercise, specifically, the following functions and activities, after tramping and legal enrollment with the competent entities (OSAE, CAAJ, Selection for Judicial lists, among others):

  • Realize its functions throughout the national territory, and in the face of any jurisdiction, instance, authority or public or private entity, of   judicial or extrajudicially prosecuted;
  • Represent, advise, citizens, with the organs of the public administration, defend their rights;
  • Rerepresenting citizens, domestic or foreign companies and public bodies, in the multiple legal business, preparing and obtaining all of   documentation;
  • Elaborate contracts and minutes of scripture;
  • Certify translations, recognizing signatures;
  • Intervention in all causes where it is not mandatory to constitution counsel (example: inventories, judicial sharing, notification of   preference, judicial fixation of the deadline, injunctions, executive processes);
  • Heritage Administrator;
  • Consultant and / or Responsible Business Officer of the collection systems.


Transition plan

pdfTransition regime for the new study plan