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Technical-Scientific Council

The functions of the qualified Technical-Scientific Council are enshrined in Article 29 of the ISCAL Statutes, which states that it is the responsibility of this body to ensure the scientific and technical management of ISCAL, in the fields of education, cultural extension, investigation and, the quality of the SERVICES provided to the community.

According to paragraph 1 of article 30 of the ISCAL Statutes, the Technical-Scientific Council constitutes twenty-five members with the following composition:

(a) Elected representatives chosen by the following groups:

i) Career teachers;

ii) Full-time programmable teachers with a contract of more than ten years in this category;

iii) Full time teachers, with Doctorate (PhD), with a contract of not less than one year.

iv) Full time teachers with the title of specialist, not covered by the previous paragraphs, with a contract from the institution for more than two years.

b) Representatives of the research subunits recognized and evaluated positively under the terms of the law, when they exist.

Paragraph 2 of article 30, states that the term of office of the members of the Technical-Scientific Council is four years and may be renewed.

With regard to the process of electing the members of this body, there is Article 32 of the ISCAL Statutes. Regarding the process of electing the President of this body and the length of his term of office, it is in accordance with Article 32.

The responsibilities of this body are stated in article 33 of the ISCAL Statutes and include the following: to decide on the distribution of the teaching Service, by school year, subjecting it to the approval of the President of ISCAL; to pronounce on the creation of study cycles and approve the study plans of the study cycles given, having heard the Pedagogical Council; decide on equivalences and the recognition of degrees, diplomas, courses and components of courses; peform other actions stipulated by law on  the career structure, research, and the recruitment of teaching and research staff.

Members of the Technical-Scientific Council

Ana Cristina Arrabaça Miranda Queiroga Perdigão
Ana Cristina Domingues dos Santos Lino Marques
Ana Isabel Lourenço Dias
Ana Maria da Silva Barbosa of Sotomayor
Antonio Alfredo Mendes
Armenian Fernandes Breia
Cecelia da Conceição Morais Rosa Moleiro Martins
Clotilde Paulina da Silva Celorico Palma
Fernando Miguel dos Santos Henriques Seabra
Fernando Paulo Marques de Carvalho
Gabriel Correia Alves
Hélder António Fanha Martins
Joaquim António Martins Ferrão
Jorge Paulo Marques Sequeira
Maria Carlos da Passion S. Mourato Annes
Maria Julieta Aguiar Neves de Azevedo
Osvaldo Visitation Caldeira
Paula Alexandra Rocha Gomes dos Santos
Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Costa
Pedro Miguel Baptista Pinheiro
Rui Manuel Pais de Almeida
Sandra Cristina Casquinha Gancho da Silva Custodio
Sonia Margarida Ricardo Bentes