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Finanças separador
Submitted by rogermad on 4 March 2013

The undergraduate degree in Business Finance aims to develop competencies in the areas of Finance, complemented with knowledge of Accounting, Audit, Management, ICT and Law. The lectured subjects provide fundamental theoretical knowledge for the analysis and understanding of financial-corporate matters. Throughout the course, it is seeking to obtain theoretical knowledge applicable to all major financial decisions of companies, from Markets to Financial Instruments as well as to develop the ability to apply methodologies to real-life situations and to know how to interpret the results.

Professional Outputs

The graduation in Finance Corporate forms enabled professionals to exercise, specifically, the following functions and activities:

  • Managing Director, financial (and top) enabled to actively participate in international financial relations (start-up);

  • Controller  with binding to the  CEO-Chief Executive Officer;

  • External financial advisor or integrated into European-level consultants in the area of finance;

  • Actuary: top technician specialized in actuarial calculus;

  • Top frame of companies from  Leasing, Factoring, Renting, ALD, SFAC and, in general, of all the institutions operating in the   capitais;

  • Financial Auditor;

  • Tax Inspector and supervisor of inspection teams of the Ministry of Finance;

  • Access to ROC under conditions to be defined by the Order of Auditor Officers (OROC).