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GE separador
Filipe Inteiro
Submitted by ffinteiro on 27 March 2021

Conditions of access
Being a graduate holder of any area affixed to Management, with or without professional experience, and who intends to develop competencies in Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This course aims for scientific and professional development in management and entrepreneurship, having as more significant goals:

  • Providing the structured understanding of entrepreneurship through the transmission of concepts and theories and their practical application transversal to organizational reality;
  • Acquisition of the knowledge required of the manager at the top and intermediate levels of the companies in agreement as the new business models;
  • Perceived how the entrepreneurial process develops and what its impact wants at the level of the company or at the level of the community and the business fabric in the national and international competitive plans;
  • Acquire knowledge and develop individual management skills applicable in the organisations of the public, private and social sectors in the face of growing uncertainty;
  • Enabling access to the testimony of successful entrepreneurs, in a technical and scientific innovation framework, that fosters self-confidence and individual initiative within and outside the company in a global competitive environment;
  • Giving the opportunity to develop individual projects entered into a network of evaluation and financing of innovative ideas with potential for success recognized by the entities involved.