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Contabilidade separador
Liliana Goncalves
Submitted by lcgoncalves on 26 March 2021

The Bachelor degree in Accounting and Administration - Public Administration and Management Branch is aimed at providing specialised training that allows better access to the public work market, namely in organisations that provide public services or in companies that deal directly with the public sector. The placement field is so vast that it can range from Central Administration, to Local Government, from publicly owned companies to regulatory bodies or consulting firms.

Career Prospects

The Bachelor degree in Accounting and Administration - Public Administration Branch qualifies skilled professionals to perform, in particular, the following functions and activities:

  • Technical staff in the various public administrations, with distinctive traditional skills in the sphere of accounting and in particular of the Statutory;

  • Accounting Plans: recording an inventorying assets, preparation of plans, budgets and reports, monitoring and assessment of performances, and other internal procedures associated with the efficiency of services;

  • Technical staff for the ongoing Reforms, directly as an employee and agent or as a service provider;

  • Multipurpose Technician for the various non-profit organisations that constitute the Tertiary Sector;

  • Technician with sensitivity and capabilities related to the public services provided by Public Companies;

  • Duties linked to Social Responsibility at companies in the business world, namely those related with sponsorship and sustainable development;

  • Qualified participation in civic and political movements.