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Contabilidade separador
Filipe Inteiro
Submitted by ffinteiro on 28 March 2021

The undergraduate in Accounting and Administration-Ramo of Accounting offers a reference teaching in the science of Accounting, by providing students with a theoretical framework of sustained and flexible knowledge and skills capable of ensuring their employability in different organizational contexts, as well as providing a solid foundation that ensures the success of pursuing training at higher levels.

Students will be able to take responsibilities within accounting and related areas, notably in the conception of useful information for decision making, participating with their knowledge in the life of organisations, national and international, at the level of SMEs, large enterprises,   multinationals, financial institutions, insurers and public bodies.

Professional Outputs

The undergraduate in Accounting and Administration-Accounting Ramo of Accounting forms enabled professionals to exercise, specifically, the following functions and activities:

  • Elaboration, organization, and interpretation of financial information systems;

  • Critical reporting and active support for decision making;

  • Managing Director, financial (and top) enabled to actively participate in international financial relations (start-up);

  • Controller with liaison to the CEO-Chief Executive Officer;

  • Financial and independent financial management consultant or integrated into European and international level consultants;

  • Auditor financial and internal auditor;

  • Independent or integrated accountant in organizations of any kind, head of accounting departments;

  • Access to TOC under conditions to be defined by the Order of Certified Accountants (OCC);

  • Tax Inspector and supervisor of inspection teams of the Ministry of Finance;

  • Access to ROC under conditions to be defined by the Order of Official Accounts Reviewers (OROC).