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Submitted by javaliadmin on 18 February 2021
Posse of Posse of the Vice President of IPL
  • Date: 18 Feb 2021

On February 9, 2021, ISCAL's lecturer, Professor Doctor Maria João Simões Escudeiro took office as Vice President of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (IPL).

Maria João Simões Escudeiro goes on to take over the post of Vice President before occupied by Ana Cristina Perdigão, current director of the National Erasmus + Agency. The new leader is lecturer at the ISCAL, such as the predecessor. Licensed in Law and PhD in Juric-Criminal Sciences, it will have its office the Academic area and it becomes the newly created areas of Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, Volunteering and Inclusion. Under its remit are still the new pelts with pro-presidents: Teaching to Distance and School Sucking and Transversal Competencies, area that mirrors a novelty given has been ascribe to a non-teaching worker of the IPL Presidency Services.

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