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Liliana Goncalves
Submitted by lcgoncalves on 15 April 2021
Work "Compendium of Law of Sport" account with participation of the Docent Lucius Miguel Correia
  • Date: 15 Apr 2021

The Docent of the ISCAL,  Lucius Miguel Correia,   is one of the authors of the work "Compendium of Law of Sport",   published in February 2021.

In the chapter titled "The collective dismissal in the labour relationship of the professional sports practitioner: specificity or dissuitability of the Portuguese legal regime?", the lecturer   highlights some   specifics of the cessation of the legal-legal-sports regime in the face of the common labour cessation regime and still gives relevance to the   ...collective dismissal in the common labour relationship and collective dismissal in the sports labour relationship.  

Lucius Miguel Correia is in addition to lecturer at the ISCAL, President Fiscal Council of the Portuguese Association Law Sport and Judge-Arbitro at the Arbitration Tribunal.