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Liliana Goncalves
Submitted by lcgoncalves on 1 March 2021
Prize Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano of Derecho del Arte
  • Date: 01 Mar 2021

For the first time since it was created several years ago, Premio Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano de Derecho del Arte has been attributed to a work in Portuguese, more concretely, to a Portuguese! This year's winner is the article by Professor Doctor's Paula de Castro Silveira, our Teacher in the Course of Soliciting, entitled "ARTE (FICIAL): Works created by Artificial Intelligence and its impacts on the concept of the work of art and copyright".

The article in question is the demonstration of the value as well as the opportunity of the theme, when creativity is touted as the ultimate solution to the crises we live.  

Congratulations to our teacher!