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Ferdinand Diel | Würzburg, Germany

Interview to Ferdinand Diel (Erasmus + Student at the ISCAL)

"I have always felt connected to Portugal. I have always admired the Portuguese and felt something special by them.", words by Ferdinand Diel who, coming from Würzburg, Germany, chose ISCAL to carry out their ERASMUS + experience, even though I have never been here previously.

To attend the 4º semester of her degree in International Management, has been in Lisbon since September 2019, says she has come here for admiring the beauty and landscapes of our country,"especially cities such as Lisbon, Braga or Porto, are wonderful.

However, when exchanging their city in Germany by Lisbon and the ISCAL, Ferdinand says it has noticed a big difference, because"there the universities are very formal and cold. The students are treated as numbers and there is no interaction between teachers and students. The ISCAL is exactly the opposite. It is a family institution that focuses on a strong relationship between teachers and students and we are always welcome to enter the school.

Do ISCAL and classes end up also for highlighting the quality of teaching, mentioning the teachers it has had as"experts in their academic fields and with a lot of knowledge", and the practical part of the classes, which says it has been amazing, as it gives the opportunity to the students who have the most difficulties in the theoretical part, for not being their forte, to improve and have better grades.  

Both of the ISCAL and the city, Ferdinand only has to say well and ends up confessing to being difficult to choose what else has enjoyed it. "All the experience here has been amazing. Experiencing the Portuguese culture and behavior has been really interesting and thrilling."

Ferdinand Diel is thus a young student who, like many others, recommends the ERASMUS + program, for offering the advantage of studying in a new environment, out of their comfort zone, and that gives yet the opportunity to learn new cultures, new languages and to meet many colleagues from other countries.  

"It's a great experience to grow as a person and reflect upon ourselves.": this is how the student describes this enriching experience international.