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Emma Le Goff | Quimper, France


Know the   student's testimony   who chose the ISCAL to make their experience ERASMUS +.




Emma Le Goff  lives in France   and is one of the student who  chose our institute   to realize the dream of doing Erasmus +.

It comes from the   IUT Quimper and states that it never pondered on cancelling your Erasmus experience because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

" Especially in Portugal where the situation was   better, " says Emma.  

The young woman shows no regrets about coming to Portugal and tells her that her year was rich in dating and travel by our country outside.   Island of Madeira, the Azores and   the Algarve were just a few of the locals Emma had the opportunity to explore.   "I have enjoyed as much as possible even with the epidemiological situation," confesses and adds, "The pandemic has only stopped my family and friends from visiting me."

Emma Le Goff considers that the confinement in Portugal was less rigid than in France what facilitated her experience and brought her a   positive   vision. In addition, the fact that having the opportunity to share apartment was an added worth to you.   "It was in a shared apartment with a colleague who became my friend, so it was not that difficult," she states.    

emma_2" Lisbon is the perfect city to enjoy an experience of these.   It's   easy to get out, meet lots of people (from different nationalities) and travel by Europe / Portugal / Portuguese Islands ", says the young, enthusiastic.

If you had to sum up this adventure   that is Erasmus +, Emma counts:" Diria that was first of all, strong encounters, unforgettable and enriching. They allowed me to increase my tolerance, my language skills, my self-confidence and my simplicity. It's a very rewarding experience that no one can forget ".