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Elvis Roog | Tallinn, Estonia

Know the   student's testimony   who chose the ISCAL to make their ERASMUS + experience.

Elvis Roog  lives in Estonia   and is a   of the student who  chose our institute   to fulfill the dream of doing Erasmus.

Study at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences   and came to Portugal during the Covid-19 pandemic. It states that it never came up with the idea of cancelling your Erasmus + experience because of the situation that the world faced. "I never thought I'd cancel my semester because of Covid-19," says the young man.

It does consider that his experience was fun, however   the restrictions imposed in our country had the impact: "Making Erasmus was in the same fun, but of course the current restrictions had their effect," Elvis tells me.

elvis 2

But not everything is evil. Despite the confinement and the constraints, the young student claims that he has explored very Portugal. "I spent so much time off yet that   I can't say I was really   in lockdown."  

If it had to describe one of the positives and   personal achievements of spending the ERASMUS + period in Lisbon, Elvis Roog says, "It was meeting some friends, that we will definitely find ourselves in the near future."  

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