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Liliana Goncalves
Submetido por lcgoncalves a 14 November 2023
Docente Fernando Gaspar publica Livro: "Entrepreneurship: the journey - Creating startups with all the tools available"
  • Data: 14 Nov 2023

O ISCAL tem o prazer de anunciar a publicação do livro “Entrepreneurship: the journey - Creating startups with all the tools available”, da autoria do docente do ISCAL Fernando Gaspar.

"Transform your entrepreneurial vision into a groundbreaking success with this "Entrepreneur's Guide to a New World of Opportunities." This book is your comprehensive toolkit for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. From recognizing and validating business opportunities to scaling your startup into a billion-dollar unicorn, this guide leaves no stone unturned. Master the art of innovation, assemble your dream team, and conquer the market. Immerse yourself in expert strategies, practical insights, and real-world examples that empower you to turn your business dreams into reality. This isn't just another business book—it's your roadmap to entrepreneurial greatness."


Fernando Gaspar