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Martins, J.M., Adebayo, T. S., Mata, M.N., Oladipupo, S. D., Adeshola, I., Ahmed, Z. & Correia, A. B.  (2021). Modeling the Relationship Between Economic Complexity and Environmental Degradation: Evidence From Top Seven Economic Complexity Countries. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9, 744781. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2021.744781 (Scopus: Quartile 1; JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 4,581; Q2)

Journal Impact Factor: 4.581

Martins, J. M., Aftab, H., Mata, M. N., Majeed, M. U., Aslam, S., Correia, A. B., & Mata, P. N. (2021). Assessing the Impact of Green Hiring on Sustainable Performance: Mediating Role of Green Performance Management and CompensationInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(11), 5654. (SJR: 0,75; Scopus: Quartile 2)

Journal Impact Factor: 3.390

Umar, M., Mata, M. N., Abbas, A., Martins, J. M., Dantas, R. M., & Mata, P. N. (2021). Performance Evaluation of the Chinese Healthcare SystemInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(10), 5193.

Journal Impact Factor: 3.390

Rjoub, H., Ifediora, C. U., Odugbesan, J. A., Iloka, B. C., Xavier Rita, J., Dantas, R. M., Mata, M. N., & Martins, J. M. (2021). Implications of Governance, Natural Resources, and Security Threats on Economic Development: Evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(12), 6236.

Journal Impact Factor: 3.390

Mata, M. N., Oladipupo, S. D., Husam, R., Ferrão, J. A., Altuntaş, M., Martins, J. M., Kirikkaleli, D., Dantas, R. M., & Lourenço, A. M. (2021). Another Look into the Relationship between Economic Growth, Carbon Emissions, Agriculture and Urbanization in Thailand: A Frequency Domain Analysis. Energies, 14(16), 5132.

Journal Impact Factor: 3.333

Antunes, M. G., Mucharreira, P. R., Justino, M. R. T., & Texeira-Quirós, J. (2021). Effects of Total Quality Management (TQM) Dimensions on Innovation—Evidence from SMEs. Sustainability, 13(18), 10095. [SJR 2020: 0,612; Q2] [CiteScore 2020: 3,900] [SNIP 2020: 1,242] [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,251; Q2] 

Journal Impact Factor: 3.251

Jamal, T., Zahid, M., Martins, J. M., Mata, M. N., Rahman, H. U., & Mata, P. N. (2021). Perceived Green Human Resource Management Practices and Corporate Sustainability: Multigroup Analysis and Major Industries PerspectivesSustainability13(6), 3045.  [CiteScore 2020: 3,900] [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,251] 

Journal Impact Factor: 3.251

Jan, A., Mata, M. N., Albinsson, P. A., Martins, J. M., Hassan, R. B., & Mata, P. N. (2021). Alignment of Islamic Banking Sustainability Indicators with Sustainable Development Goals: Policy Recommendations for Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sustainability13(5), 2607. [CiteScore 2020: 3,900] [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,251] 

Journal Impact Factor: 3.251

Malik, S., Taqi, M., Martins, J. M., Mata, M. N., Pereira, J. M., & Abreu, A. (2021). Exploring the Relationship between Communication and Success of Construction Projects: The Mediating Role of Conflict. Sustainability, 13(8), 4513.   [CiteScore 2020: 3,900] [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,251

Journal Impact Factor: 3.251

Rodrigues, M.A.B., & Morais A.I. (2021). How to Challenge University Students to Work on Integrate Reporting and Integrated Reporting Assurance. Sustainability, 13, 10761. su131910761

Journal Impact Factor: 3.251

Hashmi, F., Aftab, H., Martins, J. M., Mata, N. M,, Qureshi, H. A., Abreu, A., & Mata, P. N. (2021). The role of self-esteem, optimism, deliberative thinking and self-control in shaping the financial behavior and financial well-being of young adults. PLoS ONE 16(9), e0256649.  [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,240; Q2] 

Journal Impact Factor: 3.240

Gao, P., Meng, F., Mata, M. N., Martins, J. M., Iqbal, S., Correia, A. B., Dantas, R. M., Waheed, A., Xavier Rita, J., & Farrukh, M. (2021). Trends and Future Research in Electronic Marketing: A Bibliometric Analysis of Twenty Years. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research16(5), 1667–1679. [CiteScore 2020: 4,4] [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,049] 

Journal Impact Factor: 3.049

Adebayo, T. S., Coelho, M. F., Onbaşıoğlu, D. Ç., Rjoub, H., Mata, M. N., Carvalho, P. V., Rita, J. X., & Adeshola, I. (2021). Modeling the Dynamic Linkage between Renewable Energy Consumption, Globalization, and Environmental Degradation in South Korea: Does Technological Innovation MatterEnergies14(14), 4265.  [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 3,004; Q3] 

Journal Impact Factor: 3.004

Gomes, O. (2021). Growth Theory under Heterogeneous Heuristic Behavior. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 31(2), 533-571. [JCR (Web of Science) IF 2020: 2,343; Q2] 

Journal Impact factor: 2.343

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Journal Impact factor: 2.258

Nasir, A., Khan, K. I., Mata, M. N., Mata, P. N. & Martins, J. N. (2021). Optimisation of time-varying asset pricing models with penetration of value at risk and expected shortfall. Mathematics 9 (394). (WoS: Quartile 1, Scopus: Quartile 2)

Journal Impact factor: 2.258

Khan, K. I., Qadeer, F., Mata, M. N., Chavaglia Neto, J., Sabir, Q. ul A., Martins, J. N., & Filipe, J. A. (2021). Core Predictors of Debt Specialization: A New Insight to Optimal Capital StructureMathematics9(9), 975.

Journal Impact factor: 2.258

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Journal Impact factor: 1.456

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Journal Impact factor: 1.260

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Journal Impact factor: 1.087

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Journal Impact factor: 0,660

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Journal Impact factor: 0.494

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Journal Impact factor: 0.334

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Journal Impact factor: 0.334

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Journal Impact factor: 0.334

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