Conselho Técnico-Científico do ISCAL

The functions of the Technical-Scientific Council are laid down in article 29 of the ISCAL Bylaws, which state that it is up to this body to ensure the scientific and technical management of ISCAL, in the fields of education, research, cultural extension and quality of services provided to the community.

According to paragraph 1 of article 30 of the ISCAL bylaws, the Technical-Scientific Council consists of twenty-five members, and has the following composition:

a) Elected representatives, by:

i) Career professors;
ii) Invited professors on a full time contract with the organic unit for over ten years in that category;
iii) Lecturers, with a doctorate degree, with full time contracts with a duration of no less than one year.
iv) Lecturers with a specialist title not covered by the items above, on a full time contract with the institution for more than two years.

b) Representatives of the recognized investigation subunits, recognised and positively ranked under the terms of the law, when they exist.

Paragraph 2 of article 30, states that the mandate of the members of the Scientific-Technical Council is of four years, and may be renewed.

Article 32 of the ISCAL Bylaws provides the guidelines for the election procedure of members of this body. Article 32 also provides the guidelines regarding the election process of the President of this body, and the duration of his/her mandate.
The competences of this body come described in article 33 of the ISCAL Bylaws. Among these, the following should be highlighted: deciding on the distribution of the teaching service, by academic year, subject to the approval of the President of ISCAL; commenting on creating study cycles and approving the study plans on offer, once the pedagogical Committee is heard; deciding on equivalences and degree recognitions, diplomas, courses and components of courses; practicing other legally provided for acts relating to the teaching and research career and recruitment of teaching staff and researchers.

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