Presidência ISCAL

Pursuant to article 20 of the ISCAL Bylaws, the President of ISCAL is the superior government body and the external representative of the institution. The President of ISCAL is the political steering body of the institution.

Pursuant to article 21 of the Bylaws, the following persons may be elected as President of ISCAL:

a) Professors and investigators of the institution itself or other higher education or investigation institutions, national or foreign;
b) Individualities of recognized merit and excellent professional experience, from outside the institution.

Pursuant to article 22, the President is elected by the Council of Representatives, through secret ballot

Pursuant to Article 23, the mandate of the President has the duration of four years, and can be renewed only once. If the mandate is interrupted before the end of the term, the new President initiates a new mandate.

Article 24 States that the President may be assisted by a maximum of two Vice Presidents.

In a situation considered dangerous to the functioning of the institution, the Council of Representatives, at a meeting convened by its President or by one third of its members, may decide by a two-thirds majority of elected members, for the suspension of the President of ISCAL and, after due administrative procedure by that same majority, for his/her dismissal (Article 25)

The position of President of the ISCAL is held in a scheme of exclusive devotion (Article 26)
Among the competences of the President (Article 27), it is mentioned that he/she shall direct and represent ISCAL, and the following will be incumbent upon him/her:

a) To prepare and submit to the Council of Representatives proposals for:

i) The medium-term strategic plan and action plan for the four-year mandate;
ii) General institutional guidelines in the scientific and pedagogical plan, including the subunits, where applicable;
iii) Annual plan and activity report;
iv) The sub budget, under the terms stipulated by law.


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