Conselho de Representantes do ISCAL

Pursuant to article 14 of the ISCAL Bylaws, the Council of Representatives is composed by 9 professors, 4 students and 2 representatives of the non-professor staff, elected by the respective bodies. The members have a four year mandate, except in the case of the students, where it is a one year mandate, and they cannot be dismissed, except by the Council of Representatives itself, by absolute majority, in case of serious infringement, under the terms of regulation of the body itself.

The board of the Council of Representatives is composed by a President, a Vice-president and a Secretary.

The President engages with the other management bodies, convenes and presides over meetings, with a casting vote.

Among the various powers of the Council of Representatives specified in article 17 of the ISCAL bylaws, the following are noted: organise the election procedure and elect the President of ISCAL; assess and monitor the acts of the President of ISCAL, as well as those of the Pedagogical Council, without prejudice to their powers; approve the regulation of the Course Director for the study cycles taught at ISCAL, establishing his election and competences, as to the 1st cycle. Also pursuant to this article, it is the responsibility of the Council of Representatives to assess and approve the medium-term and four year strategic plans for the President’s four year mandate; assess and approve the general institutional guidelines in the scientific, educational, financial and heritage spheres, without prejudice to their own powers, as well as the responsibilities and competences of the organic subunits; create, transform, split, merge or extinguish organic subunits; assess and approve the annual activities plan and assess the annual report of institution activities, among other skills.

Pursuant to article 19 of the ISCAL Bylaws, the Council of Representatives holds regular meetings four times per year, and may hold assemblies whenever they are convened by its President, by the latter’s initiative, upon request of the President of ISCAL, or of one third of its members.


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