Serviço de Pessoal e Expediente ISCAL

Duties of the Staff and Day to Day Activity Services

The Staff and Day to Day Activity Services are responsible for:

  • Informing and submitting for approval the processes of recruitment, selection, provisions, promotion, renewal, extension, exoneration, rescission of contract, resignation and retirement of staff;
  • Pursuing the processes of accumulation, absences, leaves and classification of service;
  • Proceeding to the collection of data to prepare payslips, wages, gratuities and other allowances;
  • Preparing the processes related to the social benefits of staff and their relatives, namely those related to family allowance, supplementary benefits , ADSE, survivorship pension and bereavement allowance;
  • Preparing processes relating to overtime, rendering of services, recovery of salary, travel and subsistence allowances;
  • Issuing certificates, declarations and notes of the service time and any other documents related to the exercise of functions;
  • Preparing, annually, the lists of seniority of the staff;
  • Organising and keeping the staff record up-to-date;
  • Promoting training and personal development actions for the non teaching staff of ISCAL;
  • Organising and keeping up-to-date with all incoming and outgoing day to day paperwork, as well as preparing and promoting norms and procedures of good filing and document management;
  • Keeping the respective archive organised and updated and ensuring its safety;
  • Preparing procedure manuals and regulating projects within the scope of the management of Human Resources, Archive and Day to Day Activity;
  • Ensuring the application of the Public Administration integrated system of management and evaluation of performance (SIADAP);
  • Ensuring the activities resulting from the law, administrative regulations, or those assigned by the President of ISCAL are performed.
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