Gabinete de Informática ISCAL

 The Information Technology Department renders functional support to the ISCAL bodies.


The Information Technology Department is responsible for:

  • Supporting users in the use of information and communication technologies;
  • Planning, implementing, configuring and managing the internal network of computers and the communication systems involved in its interconnection with networks outside ISCAL;
  • Managing the information system, detecting and correcting anomalies, ensuring the necessary operational conditions;
  • Participating in the carrying out of the necessary actions for rationalization, simplification and modernization of the administrative circuits and information support resorting to new information technologies.
  • Managing and ensuring the maintenance of the whole information system, promoting its accessibility to the different sectors of ISCAL, through profiles attributed in the scope of the installed computer applications;
  • Supporting the employees, professors and non professors, of ISCAL in all application-related questions;
  • Carrying out systematic audits to the use of the computer science system and to the coherence of its information;
  • Guiding and assuring the computerization of the management of the Services and supporting the development of solutions that better satisfy the needs of ISCAL;
  • Defining, designing and studying of other computer applications of interest for activities of an administrative and financial nature;
  • Promoting training in the field of information technology, both at an internal and external level;
  • Preparing an annual report and activity plan;
    Issuing opinions and preparing proposals on the acquisition of requested computer equipment and software;
  • Ensuring the management of the clocking in system and queue control;
  • Monitoring the functioning of the e-learning platform;
  • Presenting well founded proposals for procedure manuals and regulation projects;
  • Ensuring the activities resulting from the law, administrative regulations, or those assigned by the President of ISCAL are performed.
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