Serviço de Informação e Documentação do ISCAL

The Information and Documentation Service (SID) is a service of scientific, pedagogical support and of support to research and management in the fields of information and documentation.

SID is composed by the library, the media library, with semi-active and permanent archives, as well as other services that may be created.


The Information and Documentation Service is responsible for:

  • Promoting the use of the resources provided by the new document technologies;
  • Rendering support in the area of information management, to the management bodies, Areas and services of the institute;
  • Making available information to the external community, namely through institutional protocols approved by the President;
  • Managing the semi-active and permanent archives of the institute, ensuring the measures of preservation deemed necessary;
  • Proposing, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Technical - Scientific and Pedagogical Committees, editorial initiatives related with the
  • activities of the institute;
  • Ensuring the cataloging, classification, indexation and quotation of the items entered into the Library;
  • Ensuring the preparation of statistics related with the services;
  • Proposing acquisitions, organizing and keeping reference and usuals collections up-to-date;
  • Ensuring face to face consultation, home loan and inter library loan;
  • Collecting, organising and disclosing all the documentation of scientific and pedagogical interest and in support of the services, in the scope of the semi-active
  • and permanent archives;
  • Ensuring the update of the technological resources of support to information management;
  • Encourage the update of the documentary nucleus;
  • Give the necessary support to the processes of documentary research carried out by the users of the service;
  • Monitor the state of use of the fixed assets assigned to SID;
  • Presenting well founded proposals for procedure manuals and regulation projects;
  • Ensuring the activities resulting from the law, administrative regulations, or those assigned by the President of ISCAL are performed.
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