Gabinete de Relações Externas e Saídas Profissionais ISCAL

The External Relations and Career Prospects Department (GRESP) is a support unit for the development of national and international external relations, as well as with the students and the finalists/recent graduates, in the sense of helping them integrate the school and society.

This Department is, together with the school bodies, responsible for promoting and guaranteeing the necessary school and post-school support, helping with the integration into an economically active life, namely at internship and first employment level.

The Department, in terms of international relations, is responsible for developing and managing, with public and private European Union and foreign entities, the projects of economic and scientific interest for ISCAL, as well as the programmes of the European Union where the school is involved or can be involved, promoting their internal dissemination.

The Department, in terms of career prospects, is responsible for:

  • Helping the students prepare their curricula for integration in an economically active life;
  • Raising awareness of the department of support to the pupil and career prospects among students and companies, promoting means of contact with the work market;
  • Promoting a job observatory;
  • Receiving, recording in database, disseminating and treating curricula of students and requests for internships or jobs made by companies;
  • Filing, keeping updated and boosting databases regarding internships and/or employment requests;
  • Providing information on internship/employment opportunities and promoting welcome and advice sessions on the integration of the students in an economically active life;
  • Collecting and disclosing, through the appropriate means, including through the institute’s website, job and professional training offers;
  • Encouraging training actions that aim to promote the personal and social development of students and degree holders;
  • Proposing and preparing support studies and procedures for the planning of activities and strategical management in the scope of GRESP;
  • Ensuring the activities resulting from the law, administrative regulations, or those assigned by the President of ISCAL are performed.

The Department, in terms of external relations, is responsible for:

  • Exploring, developing and managing, with national public and private entities, the projects of economic and scientific interest for ISCAL, as well the European Union programmes in which the school is involved or can become involved, promoting their internal dissemination;
  • Stimulating joint projects between ISCAL and the external entities such as enterprise entities or other institutions or public entities;
  • Developing the presentation of applications, the management of international projects in the scope of traineeships for those recently graduated;
  • Cooperating with GRPCI within the scope of the activities of disclosure and promotion of the image of ISCAL, at an international level;
  • Rendering support to the students, whenever requested, regarding mobility programmes;
    Organising all the activities developed for ISCAL in the scope of university exchange programmes with other international institutions.

In the development of its activity, the Department must bear special attention to:

  • The directives of the Public Relations, Communication and Image Departments in what relates to the presentation and transmission of image, symbols, signs and signs, as well as the structuring of texts and their public exposure, acting in line with the Communication and Image Plan in force;
  • The planned, active and permanent promotion, of its objectives via the opportunities conferred by the Internet, in any of its means;
  • The promotion of instruments and external connections aiming at the promotion of entrepreneurship.
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