Here you can see the testimony of Lorenzo Cozzi, one of the students who chose ISCAL to do his ERASMUS+ experience.

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Lorenzo Cozzi, at ISCAL since September 2019, is one of the many students who chose our institution to do their ERASMUS+ experience. In Italy, his home country, he is in the second year of the Marketing, Business Communication and Global Markets course at the University of Milan-Bicocca.

The student decided to come to Lisbon because it was "a city with a lot of culture and history" and, besides that, he “was looking for a big city to have the opportunity to meet more people, coming from different countries". 

He chose to come study for ISCAL, because besides being an Institution with a lot of history, as Lorenzo said, the classes are taught in English, and not only Portuguese, which, at the beginning, made him feel more comfortable and was seen as a great advantage over other Institutions. He also mentioned that ISCAL "is a really good university from an international point of view, because it has a large number of students, coming from different countries".

Attending the second semester at ISCAL, having, therefore, stayed throughout all the school year, the student considers that this "is the best university for an ERASMUS student in Lisbon", also stating that "the classes are very interesting and challenging" and "the teachers are always available to clarify doubts and make us feel as if we were at home". On the other hand, Lorenzo also appreciates the fact that the classes are "both practical and theoretical", believing that "it allows him to learn the contents taught, faster and better", as he is given "the opportunity to try to put into practice what was studied in theory".

Finally, the young Student argues that the ERAMUS+ program "is a very formative experience, which allows allows to meet and learn about different cultures”. 

Lorenzo therefore recommends this mobility programme because, as he mentioned, it also offers the opportunity to become more independent, away from his family, which gives him more time to think about his future. Being in a different country, with another language and other teaching methodologies, the youngster says it is something "more challenging" and that "offers a new vision of how to learn new concepts".

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