Mestrado em Fiscalidade

Entry requirements
Hold a Bachelor degree in the fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance or Management or a legal equivalent considered suitable for attending the course by the Scientific Council.

Duration of the course
2 years (1 academic year and 1 dissertation year).

This course is aimed at scientific and professional development in taxation, and its most significant objectives are to:

  • Provide a solid theoretical and practical qualification for those who perform or intend to perform their professional activity in the field of taxation, whether self-employed or integrated in offices, consulting firms, company departments or in public administration;
  • Give special attention to the basic aspects of internal or international taxation, promoting education that is current and receptive to the demands resulting from the market globalisation and internationalisation, together with an accounting and auditing technique component, which provides extra value;
  • Respond to the needs for training and updating the technical staff complement already in the job market, as well as stimulating the development of abilities taking in consideration integration in an increasingly globalised world, providing students with a broader, more critical and compressive view regarding taxation.

The Masters Degree Course in Taxation is sponsored by the Madeira Development Society, and a bursary is granted to the best student equal to the total amount of the academic fees..

The best student will be deemed the student, with the highest score, who has completed the Masters Course, with thesis discussion, by the end of the calendar year after the start of the Masters degree.The bursary was first awarded for the Masters degree commencing in the 2012/2013 academic year.

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