Mestrado em Gestão e Empreendedorismo

Entry requirements
Hold a Bachelor degree in any field related in Management, with or without professional experience, and intending to develop Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship skills.

Duration of the course
2 years (4 semesters).

This course is aimed at scientific and professional development in management and entrepreneurship, and its most significant objectives are:

  • To provide a structured understanding of entrepreneurship through the transmission of concepts and theories and its cross-cutting practical application to the organisational reality;
  • The acquisition of the knowledge needed by top and mid level managers of companies in accordance with new business models;
  • The Understanding of how to develop the entrepreneurial process and what its impact is both at the business level and at the community level and to the business fabric in the domestic and international competitive arenas;
  • The acquisition of knowledge and the development of individual management skills applicable to public, private and social sector organisations given the context of increasing uncertainty;
  • To provide access to the testimonials of successful entrepreneurs, within a scientific and technical innovative framework, which fosters self-confidence and individual initiative inside and outside the company in a global competitive environment;
  • To provide the opportunity to develop individual projects taking place within an evaluation and financing network for innovative ideas with a potential for success recognised the involved entities.


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