Masters in Accounting and Management for Financial Institutions

Entry requirements
Hold a Bachelor degree in the fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance or Management or a legal equivalent considered suitable for attending the course by the Scientific Council.

Duration of the course
2 years (1 academic year and 1 dissertation year).

This course is aimed at scientific and professional development in management, and its most significant objectives are to:

  • Provide a better preparation for current and future managers and administrators of Financial Institutions as well as of technicians and staff in the most diverse activities and functions, within the scope of in-depth innovation in practical knowledge and work practices;
  • Respond to market needs, essentially, in the different fields or specialisations of the financial sector, not only from the perspective of academic progression, but also in terms of training and updating staff and technicians already placed in the job market;
  • Qualify human resources but also specialise them in innovative forms, models and methodologies of Financial Institution Management, focused on the further development of solutions based on an information and knowledge society and in the domain of analysis and decision making tools and instruments;
  • Stimulate the development of abilities taking into consideration the integration of the Country in the European Community and the globalised world, endowing students with broader, more critical and encompassing vision on the activity of the national and international Financial Institutions;
  • Contribute to the advanced training of higher education lecturers, in the field of accounting and management, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
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