The Law Studies is a manager of economically important Legal interests, in a non-litigious manner, and their trademark is knowing how to settle.

The main objective of the ISCAL Law Studies Bachelor degree consists in qualifying professionals at a higher education level to solve problems, issues and proceedings of a legal nature with respect to companies, families and citizens without resorting to more expensive means which take longer in settling. In this regard, an ISCAL qualified solicitor does not only know the Law, but is also qualified in the fields of finance and business, accounting and mastery of languages for legal purposes (English and Castilian), and they also apply this knowledge, still in a pedagogical context, through the Simulation Project Applied to Solicitor, the objective of which consists in experiencing the profession and being prepared for professional practice.

The ISCAL Solicitor Bachelor degree is unique, in Public Higher Education, in the Lisbon area, the largest national legal market, where this offering is not otherwise available.

Career prospects

The Solicitor Bachelor degree qualifies skilled professionals to perform, in particular, the following functions and activities:

  • Perform their duties throughout the entire national territory, and in any jurisdiction, court, authority or public or private entity, judicially or extrajudicially;
  • Represent, advise and accompany citizens with any public administration agency, defending their rights;
  • Represent citizens, national companies or foreign and public organisations, in the multitude of legal transactions, preparing and obtaining all documentation;
  • Prepare contracts and drafts of public deeds;
  • Certify translations, authenticate signatures;
  • Intervene in all actions which do not require the appointment of a lawyer (example: inventories, legal apportionment, notification of preference, judicial determination of time limits, injunctions, executive proceedings);
  • Executive Agent;
  • Estate Administrator;
  • Corporate Consultant and/or Head of collection systems.
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